Chronic inflammation of prostate

Editor: | 16. July 2020

Chronic inflammation of prostate and the possibility of using pulsed magnetic therapy for its treatment was tested on 21 patients by the medical team from the Urology Clinic in Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic.

Chronic inflammation of prostate is one of the most common urological problems. This disease affects approximately 10-15% of young and middle-aged men. 21 patients aged 42-86 and suffering from chronic inflammation of prostate therefore participated in this study.

Treatment plan was based on experience with other inflammatory diseases. Each exposure to pulsed magnetic field with a frequency of 24 Hz lasted 30 minutes. Subsequent evaluation of treatment was based on the subjective results recorded by questionnaire of American Urological Association (AUA). Furthermore, the laboratory results were also compared, among others a blood count, plasma concentrations of minerals (Na +, K + Cl), creatinine, urea, PSA enzymatic activity, phosphatase, semen culture and prostatic secretion. Finally, uroflowmetry and ultrasound results were also evaluated. All examinations were performed before treatment, after 10 exposures, and then 3-4 months after the therapy.

Results showed several significant effects of pulsed magnetic therapy. According to uroflowmetry results, 5 out of 6 patients significantly improved. Out of the 13 patients with positive bacterial culturing, who were treated at the same time with antibiotics, 8 patients got rid of the bacteria all together. It therefore reconfirms the well-known fact that the effect of pulsed magnetic field intensifies when combined with antibiotics.

In conclusion, the study confirms the analgesic effect of pulsed magnetic therapy in case of chronic disease of prostate and highlights clearly positive effect on the course of inflammation that has already been demonstrated in other, mainly rheumatic, inflammatory diseases.

In other words, pulsed magnetic therapy is very beneficial for patients suffering from chronic inflammation of prostate.

Reference: Navrátil P., Novák I. & Šístek R. (2006). Chronické zánětlivé onemocnění prostaty a účinek NPMP, Urologická klinika v Hradci Králové.

Chronic inflammatory disease of the prostate and the effect of PEMF

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