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Heartburn characteristics: Heartburn is caused by acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease. The disease occurs in about one-tenth of the population. Acidic gastric contents leak back into the lower part of the oesophagus and then return to the stomach. Gastric acid irritates the lining of the oesophagus and causes heartburn, an unpleasant painful burning sensation behind the sternum, which spreads from the stomach upwards into the throat. If irritation of the oesophageal mucosa by stomach acids persists for a long time, serious damage may occur. The inner lining of the irritated segment of the oesophagus can undergo transformation, which may result in ulceration or cancer. Hiatal hernia can be one of the causes leading to a disorder of the gastroesophageal closure mechanism.

Recurrent heartburn requires effective treatment of the gastroesophageal reflux disease and regular gastroscopic screening. Some relief from heartburn may be obtained by elevation of the upper body during sleep or drinking a glass of lukewarm water.

Using magnetic therapy in heartburn

Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used to control spastic pain and support regeneration of the damaged oesophageal mucosa.

Application of magnetic therapy in heartburn

In heartburn, using a flat applicator, we apply treatment programs at a frequency of 4-6 Hz to reduce local pain and subsequently at 2-25 Hz to improve microcirculation and healing.

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