Non-articular rheumatism

Editor: | 7 January 2019

Characteristics of the Non-articular rheumatism program: Use this program for inflammatory diseases of soft tissues and joint capsules and other tissues treated by the application of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in non-articular rheumatism

In non-articular rheumatism, the purpose of the applications is to suppress inflammatory symptoms and reduce pain. In addition, the aim is to improve metabolic conditions for the healing, regeneration and normal functioning of the involved tissues.

Using magnetic therapy in non-articular rheumatism

Non-articular rheumatism includes a range of painful inflammatory syndromes of the locomotive system. In non-articular localised rheumatism, tendons (tendinopathy), peritenons (tendosynovitis), entheses of tendons and ligaments (insertional tendinopathy), tendon pouches (bursitis), muscles (myogelosis) and hypodermis and lipid ligaments (fibrositis and panikulitis) are affected.
The damage etiology is most often represented by microtrauma due to overloading (one-sided excessive long-term exertion), where inflammation with fibrous healing can occur, etc.; affection can also be certain infectious and autoimmune system diseases, as well as metabolic and endocrine disorders. Non-articular general rheumatism (polymyalgia rheumatica, temporary arthritis, fibromyalgia) – these are represented by diffusion muscle-skeletal pain and stiffness, pressure-sensitive spots, neck pain, lumbar region pain, etc.
In non-articular rheumatism, the central sensitivity is often increased; in addition, the influence of stress and the weather can be observed, insomnia, depression, tension, chronic fatigue appear, etc. Local painful syndromes with significant pain during motion may even lead to irreversible atrophic changes with limited functioning of the extremities, etc.

For the treatment of non-articular rheumatism, sometimes motion activities are recommended; sometimes a rest regime without exertion, with timely rehabilitation (magnetic therapy, ultra-sound, thermal procedures), up to psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment (analgesics, NSA, anti-depressives) are used.

In all types of affection, in non-articular rheumatism Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy using analgesic, muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory effects can be applied with a positive influence.

Application of magnetic therapy in non-articular rheumatism

Use the Non-articular rheumatism program to apply local analgesic and spasmolytic lower frequencies and combine them with vasodilatory and healing frequencies for follow-up and to prevent any recurrence.

Non-articular rheumatism and magnetic therapy – queries

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