Editor: | 7. January 2019
Toothache is a very common problem that is caused by damage to the tooth (tooth decay, breaking of the tooth), dental enamel defects, inflammation of the tooth nerve, involvement of the soft tissues around the teeth (gingivitis, periodontitis), or dental calculus. Pain may spread from the damage site to other areas of the head. First of all, professional dental treatment is required in

Using magnetic therapy in toothache

Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used during the toothache acute phase to support analgesic treatment and after the analgesic treatment to accelerate resolution of the oedema and inflammation and the entire healing process. Magnetic therapy should not be applied to the bleeding sites following tooth extraction.

Application of magnetic therapy in toothache

Initially, we reduce toothache using low frequencies at 2-10 Hz and during the recovery period, we stimulate healing with higher frequencies at 65-79 Hz. A small elliptical applicator (especially in acute toothache) or a solenoid are recommended for the treatment.

Magnetic therapy and toothache - queries

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