Post-surgery conditions

Editor: | 7. January 2019

Characteristics of the Post-surgery conditions program: Use this program for post-surgery conditions requiring intensive recovery. Muscle relaxant and vasodilatory frequencies lead to increased metabolic turnover in the affected tissues, which accelerates the healing process and avoids complications.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in post-surgery conditions

The low-frequency pulsed magnetic field is used to increase the oxygenated blood supply and hence the oxygen and nutrient supply required for the healing process by dilation of the afferent arterial circulation. At the same time, it releases and removes the metabolites and harmful substances that hinder the healing process.

Using magnetic therapy in post-surgery conditions

Post-traumatic and post-surgery rehabilitation focuses on a number of targets, such as: reduce pain, improve the range of motion and muscle activation, accelerate healing, prevent thrombo-embolic disease, etc. Post-traumatic and post-surgery rehabilitation treats the consequences of traumata of the muscoskeletal system (fractures, joint and muscle injuries) and conditions after orthopaedic, surgical and neurological operations. It is necessary that the patient actively cooperates by undergoing regular exercise or the application of rehabilitation methods that can be used at home. Rehabilitation uses a wide range of methods that are either combined or changed during the treatment process according to the progress of the patient's condition. Electrotherapeutical rehabilitation methods - electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, etc. are parts of such care.

Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has been used for decades, both in rehabilitation centres and in home care as an individual rehabilitation method. A minimum of contraindications and the simple control system (user-friendly even for senior users) predetermines it for individual home care as a continuation of started rehabilitation care and to provide maintenance and preventative care. Use mainly muscle-relaxant and vasodilatory frequencies and apply them to the affected area.

Post-surgery conditions and magnetic therapy - queries

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