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Characteristics of the Gout program: Gout is a chronic metabolic disorder resulting in elevated blood uric acid levels. In gout, uric acid and crystals of its salts accumulate in particular in poorly perfused tissues such as articular cartilage, and around joints, tendons, etc., but also in the kidneys. In gout, crystals cause an inflammatory reaction in the tissues that is manifested by pain, redness and swelling, and subsequently leads to arthritic changes which may result in deformities and limitation of joint mobility, or impaired renal function.

In addition to a special diet low in nucleoproteins and drugs lowering the production and accelerating the elimination of uric acid, any medical procedure that improves blood circulation in the affected joints and tissues and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects is suitable for gout treatment.

Using magnetic therapy in gout

In gout, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy meets all of the above requirements and can be highly beneficial for patients with gout as its helps prevent acute conditions and reduces damage to the affected tissues.

Application of magnetic therapy in gout

In gout, apply magnetic therapy repeatedly on a daily basis at 4-10 Hz for initial pain relief, and at 10-50 Hz for follow-up and maintenance treatment.

Gout and magnetic therapy - queries

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